January 15

Brainwave entrainment.

Dear Reader, I trust whoever is reading this now is curious about what brainwave entrainment is. I’ve compiled a lot of important research and information about this topic because I find it extremely fascinating, and this is something you can easily access on YouTube and listen to it while you sleep! How cool is that? […]

July 25

Twin 🔥 flames

You see, I am You, and You are Me. ❤️ 🔥❤️

April 22

Bacon Mac & cheese

Hi guys! I wanted to share this super yummy bacon Mac and cheese recipe, because it’s really good and incredibly easy to make. You’ll only need 6 ingredients to make this mouth watering recipe 😍 What you’ll need : Macaroni noodles Bacon 1/2 stick of Butter 1/3 cup of Flour 1 1/2 cup of Milk […]

April 21

Free online course from Harvard university

  Hi guys! Just wanted to share this news that was delivered to me 🤗 in case your looking to sharpen your knowledge during this lockdown, Harvard university is giving free online courses which is something I’d encourage everyone to engage in if, you, find something in the field of your interest of course. There […]

April 09

Quarantine with me.

Hi guys! I wanted to share with you what I’ve been working on since I’ve been on lockdown. I’m currently based in the Philippines and we are being advised to stay home and minimize having to go outside in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 With that being said it’s starting to get challenging […]

February 12


Today, I want to share with my readers a book review. This book healed me and completely changed my life in the most unreal and magical way! I would Highly recommend this book to anyone that’s lost a loved one and is eager to connect. I will attach a link below where you can purchase […]

January 25

How to activate your super human powers.

I came across this video 2 years ago, and I’ve been doing this mediation almost regularly. I finally decided that this year, i will start sharing my secrets with the world. With the hopes of awakening the souls of those who have been seeking peace and want to manifest massive change, also for those who […]

November 27

Japan solar panels

Hi everyone! I’m back in the Philippines and started a new job as the marketing manager for a solar panel company. I wanted to compose this post to raise awareness on the benefits of having solar panels in your own home. 💚 Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity. This […]

October 18

Meditation for manifesting what you love. ❤️

Dear reader, I want to share with you one of the meditation practices that has helped me along my journey. The purpose of this mediation is to increase your ability to receive love and energy from the universe and your higher self and to be able to receive and imagine every area of your life […]

January 11

Why salt baths are a must.

Happy 2019 Everyone! Now that the new year has started I want to make it a point to publish more content with the hopes of making a positive impact in your lives. I started taking salt baths when I moved to LA in 2015 and it really changed my life. I’ve had so many revelations and life […]